(ONLINE.WSJ) — The family of late Pennsylvania State University head football coach Joe Paterno released a report Sunday that slammed a university-funded study last year that found that Mr. Paterno and other officials conspired to conceal child sexual abuse committed by former coach Jerry Sandusky as a “rush to injustice.”

The report was issued by a group including former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and analyzed the findings last year of former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Louis Freeh.

Mr. Freeh concluded that Mr. Paterno, along with former Penn State President Graham Spanier and two other former administrators, tried to protect the school from bad publicity by not reporting to police allegations that Mr. Sandusky had been seen showering with a boy on campus in 2001. That incident was at the center of the criminal investigation into Mr. Sandusky, who was convicted last June on 45 counts of child sex abuse and is serving a 30- to 60-year prison sentence. His attorneys are planning a formal appeal.

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