(BLOGS.SEATTLETIMES) — A man suffered a head injury when he was hit by a Metro bus in downtown Seattle this morning — but walked for more than a block to a coffee shop.

Seattle police say the bus driver showed signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was arrested.

The unusual incident occurred at about 7:15 a.m. when the man was hit by a bus — hard enough to crack the bus’s windshield, said Kyle Moore, Seattle Fire Department spokesman. The Route 358 bus, arriving southbound from Aurora Avenue, struck the man just past the corner of Third Avenue and Stewart Street, as the man was walking west across the street, Metro said.

The man, who appeared to be about 6 foot 3, walked into the Starbucks at Westlake Center and ordered a drip coffee, said Tony Farrell, the coffee shop’s morning supervisor. Paramedics described the 32-year-old man as well-dressed, “a downtown business professional,” said Moore.

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