When the Christmas holiday season comes around, many patriotic Americans are busy thinking about what kind of American-made gifts can be found to put under their Christmas trees. These same patriotic Americans may want to purchase an American-made artificial Christmas tree, both to decorate and as a place to display all of those thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones. The problem is that many consumers don’t know where to get one.

If you’re planning on heading out to the stores to buy an American-made artificial tree, you’re probably going to waste your time, since stores seldom carry them. But by simply ordering online from Christmas in America, you can save time, avoid the headaches of dealing with all that traffic (both on the road and in the stores), and help save the jobs of American workers at the same time.

It’s no secret that many Americans are losing their jobs in today’s unstable and uncertain economy. You can help make both the economy and the lives of more Americans more stable and more certain by buying an American-made artificial Christmas tree instead of that cheap, Chinese-made tree that you might have seen at the mall.

At www.christmasinamerica.com you can order a nice 6 1⁄2-foot artificial Christmas tree, such as the Bavarian pine, for just $169.50. Admittedly, that’s more money than you would spend for an imported tree at a big-box store, but at Christmas in America you get American-made quality and a five-year guarantee as well.

Christmas in America artificial Christmas trees are made in the USA at the company’s family owned and operated manufacturing plant in Newburgh, N.Y. In addition, all materials used to manufacture Christmas in America Christmas trees are made in America, with the exception of the wire, which is purchased from Mexico. All sheeting, poles, brackets, and cartons are purchased from U.S. manufacturers.

There are many popular kinds of artificial trees to choose from, such as Alberta Pine, Columbia Fir, White Pine, Aberdeen Pine, Catskill Pine, and Douglas Fir. Christmas in America even carries Christmas trees up to 10 feet tall!

And in keeping with the Christmas spirit, you’ll know that you’ve given one of the best gifts that you could ever give, which is the prospect that other American workers will be able to keep their jobs and be able to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones just like you did.

Also, consider the positive safety and environmental impact that your purchase of an artificial Christmas tree from Christmas in America represents. First, you’ll be saving a real tree from being cut down, and second, since trees made by Christmas in America are lead free, they are guaranteed to be safe for you and the young Christmas gift-recipients in your life.

Now more than ever, with the challenges facing the American economy, Christmas in America is enormously proud to continue to be able to offer artificial Christmas trees manufactured in the USA by an all-American work force.

Especially around the holidays when Americans strive to make it a happy holiday season for everyone on their Christmas list (and even those who aren’t), few things bring more certainty for a joyful season than the stability of a job so that Americans can provide for their families, not only at Christmas but throughout the year as well.

And so, when the Christmas season draws near and you’re making your list, I hope you check it twice for only American-made products to put under your American-made tree. Foreign-owned companies and their products? BAH HUMBUG!

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