Hamas and their children

Mike Lester illustrates how terrorists use offspring

Meeting Hamas halfway

A.F. Branco has John Kerry leading Mideast peace talks

Clowns in high places

A.F. Branco illustrates John Kerry's take on Mideast peace

A man with a sign

A.F. Branco puts words on Obama's 2-sided border placard

With friends like these

A.F. Branco illustrates Obama's support for Israel

Leadership in motion

A.F. Branco puts Gov. Perry, President Obama in their favorite vehicles

Hamas' seesaw

Mike Lester illustrates belligerents' utilization of children

The veteran bypass

A.F. Branco juxtaposes treatment of illegal-alien kids, retired military

Obama's latest red line

Mike Lester eavesdrops on conversation with Putin

Slow! Children's border crossing

R.J. Matson illustrates updated warning sign upon entry to U.S.