The tree lighting in 2014

Rick McKee illustrates Ferguson riots this Christmas

Over the river and through the woods …

Rick McKee illustrates illegal-alien families running for the border this holiday

Pardoning the turkey in chief

John Darkow illustrates individual who really needs major act of grace

Obama's megaphone

Mike Lester has president giving warning to Ferguson

Obama the negotiator

A.F. Branco has BHO declaring clear preference for deal-making partner

Shuddup, 2011 Obama!

Cameron Cardow illustrates president's 'emperor' flip-flop in last 3 years

No stupid voters in China

A.F Branco has 2 leaders discussing climate agreement

Barack's barrel

Mike Lester points out reality of executive amnesty

Hey, Stupid!

Mike Lester illustrates reaction of media to Grubergate

Barry the cable guy

A.F. Branco has FCC backing up Net Neutrality fix-it man