Last week’s Technocracy column, “Monstrous predators want your kids,” was nothing more or less than a series of guidelines for protecting your children from sexual predators. These guidelines are common sense, comprising the conventional wisdom of various personal security experts as well as a layman’s perusal of the statistics on child molestation, online sexual predation and sex-offender recidivism rates. The assertion of last week’s column is threefold: First, that your children are likely to be propositioned by sexual predators online; second, that a real risk of molestation exists, presented by authority figures within your child’s life; and third, that by knowing at all times where your child is and what your child is doing, you can lower these risks.

At first glance, it is hard to understand how anyone could take issue with so bland and unoriginal a body of ideas. Children are abducted and molested every day. Pedophiles and potential pedophiles are commonly discovered and accused in child-pornography arrests. A host of statistics, reprinted at sites like Yello Dyno, are available that bear this out: 96 percent of sex offenders are male. The average pedophile molests 260 victims over his lifetime. One in five violent offenders serving time in a state prison report having victimized a child.

In 2003, the Bureau of Justice Statistics published the report “Recidivism of Sex Offenders Released from Prison in 1994.” The report presents, “for the first time, data on the rearrest, reconviction, and reimprisonment of 9,691 male sex offenders, including 4,295 child molesters, who were tracked for three years after their release from prisons in 15 states in 1994. …The study represents the largest followup ever conducted of convicted sex offenders following discharge from prison and provides the most comprehensive assessment of their behavior after release.”

The report determined that, within three years of release, one in every 20 sex offenders was arrested again for another sex crime. Compared to those convicted of non-sexual crimes, the sex offenders were 400 percent more likely to be arrested again for sex crimes. Most disturbingly, of the 9,691 sex offenders released who were chronicled in this report, half of them – 4,295 men – were child molesters. Yellow Dyno’s statistics page pegs the recidivism rate considerably higher and much more variable (between 18 and 45 percent, if not as high as 90 percent for convicted pedophiles).

What you will find, if you search for statistics like these, is something far more disturbing than the figures themselves. You will find a legion of apologists attempting to excuse, belittle, mitigate or otherwise rationalize away the threat presented to your children by sexual predators. In a dangerous world, in a world on whose streets 58,000 children are abducted by non-family members per year – that’s almost 160 per day – you are surrounded by people who want to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. In some cases, these people are simply unwilling to face the ugliness, the terrifying reality, that their children are threatened. In many more cases, however, apologists for sex offenders are expressing, to some limited extent, a lurking desire to sexualize and victimize children.

In 2010, Dr. Linda Papadaopoulos published an independent review on the sexualization of young people. While her findings were generally a series of pleas for government censorship and control of media, the review itself points to the overarching issue. A tremendous amount of pressure exists in our culture to turn children into sexual objects. (Try buying clothes for your preteen daughter that don’t make her look like a whore.) Last week’s court decision in New York, effectively decriminalizing the viewing of child pornography, is a sweeping blow in support of that cultural movement. It paves the way for further inroads by perverts, molesters and predators who, as we can see on this very webpage, command tremendous support from their fellow citizens.

It is no secret that the comments sections of WND articles are dominated by leftists – liberal bloggers and other (presumably) basement-dwelling pundits who spend the time they don’t spend working leaving comments on WND articles. Usually these shrill protests, in volume if not in population, outnumber the comments posted in support. Never was this trend more obvious than in the comments on last week’s Technocracy, which quickly became a forum for pedophile sympathizers.

Denying that child molestation is a significant cultural problem, pretending that sexual predators are not targeting your children, can be one of only two things. Either it is willful ignorance of an issue born out by statistics and plentifully represented in daily news reports, or it is the rationalization of those who harbor in their hearts the desire to sexualize your kids. What other explanation is there for minimizing, dismissing, or otherwise denigrating common-sense approaches to protecting children from sex offenders?

There is a good chance you know someone, or know of someone, who has been accused of such a crime. Do you condemn that crime? Or do you make gestures of support for the accused? If you defend child molesters as “not really all that likely to offend again,” when we know this claim is false, you tell us who and what you are. You tell us you sympathize with child molesters.

High-profile allegations of child molestation swirling around various college sports teams have figured in the news recently. At least some of these claims have been alleged false. There are men with criminal records who were innocent when accused, railroaded by a system that valued the hysterical claims of “victims” more than logic, the veracity of evidence and standards of objective jurisprudence. These exceptions are the exception, however. The misapplication, even the corruption of specific cases does not invalidate the reality of the threat … nor our need to condemn it and safeguard against it.

That reality is crystal clear. It is as clear as the comments on the page you’re reading. Leftists support child molesters. Left-wingers make apologies for pedophiles. Libs believe the sexualization of your children is not a problem – and that you are the threat for calling attention to the issue.

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