Apple factories in China scrutinized for labor conditions

Taiwan-owned Foxconn is the largest maker of Apple products. Last week, the labor watchdog group Fair Labor Association, or FLA, began inspecting working conditions there, as well as at two other Apple factories in China, the Taiwan-owned manufacturers Quanta and Pegatron. The inspections followed on the heels of reports that employees were overworked and underpaid.

FLA’s findings and recommendations will be posted on its website,, in early March.

Meanwhile, Mac sales in China are catching Apple’s eye.

iTV in the iFuture?

It’s a tantalizing thought – an Apple television that has all the functionality of a traditional television set coupled with Apple’s innovative technology.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently hinted that product could be in our future. The currently available Apple TV is a set-top streaming movie player.
“For those people that have it right now, the customer [satisfaction rating] is off the chart,” Cook said, “but we need something that could go more main market for it to become a serious category for the company.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that “Speculation about an Apple television (some are calling it the iTV) has ramped up lately, with plenty of observers guessing about what it will look and behave like.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson that he “cracked” the code for reinventing the television, but left the reader wondering what that meant. Stay tuned!

Sign of the times: Surviving college by signing up as a “sugar baby”

The ratio is 20 sugar babies to every one sugar daddy. What’s a sugar baby? A college age woman looking for a “sugar daddy” to pay her tuition and living expenses in exchange for sex. Oy!

They connect on a website called And it’s a growing trend. Florida ranks third in the U.S. behind New York and California with 67,815 total users, of all ages. There are just over 1,000,000 and growing by 1,000 more daily. What makes this any different from prostitution? Listen to this young woman explain.

Chimichanga, anyone?

Twitter can get you into political hot water. Think before you Tweet – a good and sound policy. Now pass the salsa!

Hacker gets eight months

A British student who hacked into Facebook’s giant computers from his bedroom will be sleeping on a hard bench for eight months.

Glenn Mangham, 26, was found guilty of hacking into the social networking nerve center and stealing sensitive “invaluable” intellectual property. His lawyer said Mangham was an “ethical hacker” who saw the stunt as a challenge and stressed that his client had never tried to sell the stolen data or pass it on to anyone else.

Facebook boasts some 845 million users worldwide

Spyware being used in Syrian conflict

Warring Syria’s regime supporters have unleashed computer viruses that spy on opposition activists.

A U.S.-based antivirus software maker analyzed one of the viruses and determined that it passes info robbed from computers to a server at a government-owned telecommunications company in Syria.

“Fame isn’t what it used to be”

In this hybrid culture of broadcast and the Internet, who decides who becomes famous? Two odd Web phenomena. And a swimsuit model.

Why is Twitter a dangerous place for celebrities like Oprah, Roland Martin, Ashton Kutcher, Alec Baldwin and Anthony Weiner?

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The Time Capsule

1732 – George Washington born. The Father of our Country.

1945 – Stars and Stripes raised at Iwo Jima.

1962 – John Glenn, first American to orbit earth, lands safely.

1965 – Malcolm X assassinated, arrests made at scene.

1972 – Nixon arrives in China, meets with Mao.

1974 – Hearst pays $2 million food ransom for Patty’s release.

1986 – Space station Mir launched, communists celebrate.

1993 – World Trade Center bombed.

Now playing at the Princess Theater, Urbana, Ill.

Congratulations to WND readers Bess Roby of New Port Richey, Fla., and Carlton Harvey of Philadelphia, Penn., who were among the first to correctly guess actor Sam Shepard in his portrayal of Chuck Yeager in the 1983 film “The Right Stuff”. The film was based on Tom Wolfe’s book about the original U.S. Mercury 7 astronauts.

The selection was tied to last week’s Time Capsule item when in 1923, BG Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager was born in West Virginia.

The quote was: “I’m a fearless man, but I’m scared to death of you.”

This week’s quote: “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.”

Name the movie, the actor and the character. Send your answer to me at the email address below. Please be sure to add your town and state. Good luck!

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