A group of black pastors in New Jersey yesterday announced plans to
march from Newark, N.J., to Washington, D.C., on behalf of the 1,452
children aborted each day in the United States.

The spokesman for the Say So March, Damon Owens, hopes to have 1,452
African-Americans participate in the march each day which is set to take

place Oct. 9-11. While a core group of pastors and volunteers plan to
march the entire route, others will participate only as the march comes
through their cities. Along with Newark and Washington, D.C., the march
will take place in Lawnside, N.J., Philadelphia, Wilmington, Del., and
Baltimore, Md. Rallies will take place in each host city.

Speaking of the symbolism between the number of aborted black
children and the participants in the march, Johnny Hunter, a pastor and
the national director for Life Education and Resource Network
said, “That (number) represents 1,452 children
that will never be able to benefit from the things gained in the civil
rights era. What good is a better job opportunity for a child if the
child doesn’t get to be born? What good is a playground if that child
doesn’t get to be born?”

Hunter said it is the hope of all who have planned the march that it
will be educational as well as inspirational.

“We really hope to inspire people to love the children,” said
Hunter. “There’s one simple message in this march: ‘If you love the
children, say so.'”

During the interdenominational march, people will be carrying signs
with the title “Genocide Awareness Project.” These signs, which Hunter
described as “graphic,” will show the connection between the evil that
happened in the past — such as the Holocaust and the lynching of blacks
— with abortion.

“This march is a civil rights march,” said Owens. “We’re organizing
this march to tell our black brothers and sisters we have been duped
into destroying ourselves. Even though we make up 12 percent of the
population, we supply 33 percent of the abortion industry’s business.
We have fallen prey to the Margaret Sangers of the world.”

Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood.
Hunter’s group, LEARN, which is the largest, African-American, pro-life
ministry in the United States, has published extensive data and research
information on what it calls the racist origins of Planned Parenthood
and is assisting the pastors in the organization of the march.

Commenting why the black culture in America has been so accepting of
abortion, Owens said, “We bought into a lot of lies — the whole
abortion issue wrapped around the glorious words of ‘choice’ and
‘freedom’ and ‘right to privacy.'”

Owens hopes during the march, the people will wake up and be
“galvanized” to what’s happening around them.

Owens stated, “In the three days of this march, more
African-Americans will be murdered by abortion than were lynched from
1882-1968. It’s time to stop the genocide.”

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