A1ENDA Headmaster takes pupils and staff assembly in modern school hall

Christian school told to have Muslim imam lead assemblies

Regulators say refusal could result in closure of institution


Congress hands Obama keys to Iran nuke deal

McCarthy: 'Difficult if not impossible' for lawmakers to stop it now


Maker of short film seeks centuries-long impact

'Crescendo' created as 'monument to dignity of the person'


Another U.S. city protesting influx of refugees

Immigrants 'overwhelming social services' across America


Illegal-alien 'solidarity caravan' led by professional radicals

Seeking to end deportations, detentions, 'militarization' of U.S. border


Order for 34 million green cards fueling national protests

'You almost have to laugh about it it's so frightening'


Saudis sound alarm on Obama 'caving' to Iran

Warns U.S. wants agreement 'at any price'


Lifelong Democrat talk-host: Dems should boycott election

'Something ruinous on an epic scale controls our party'


Brand-new call: No marriage licenses for anyone

'If we're not allowed to determine the standards, then maybe we shouldn't issue them'

Megan Mahoney

Female gym teacher 'rapes student 30 times'

Even Rush Limbaugh perplexed by staggering phenomenon