Key factors behind black crime wave sweeping U.S.

'Until it changes, racial profiling is going to be an issue'


Israel allows its Christians to shed Arab identity

Government establishes Aramaean ethnicity

Jerusalem, Israel

Fires of salvation sweep through Israel

'I have never seen such a supernatural revival as is happening right now'


Crisis in Nigeria as Christians flee Muslim terrorists

'We're going to see more pastors and priests get killed, more churches being burned'


Obama aims to 'grow' aid for China

U.S. already $1.3 trillion in debt to top economic, military competitor


Government watching for 'Americans with guns'

'Just listen to the language Holder uses'


Send Congress the pink slip

Shock campaign that fired up 2010 revolution is back


Discredited grad student source of Obama policy

McCain's legislative assistant urged support of 'moderate' rebels in Syria

new york times

New York Times snubs David Limbaugh's 'Jesus' book

Missing from hardcover bestsellers despite superior sales


ISIS-branded merchandise sold on Amazon, Facebook

'The quality of our clothing are either organic or 100% cotton'